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Where Are The Toons Now is a parody series of the Where Are They Now series where famous cartoon characters are explored and revealed what they are doing. The show is scheduled to run for five seasons with fifty episodes per season. The show will be hosted by Bugs Bunny. The cartoon characters will be played by professional voice actors.


rob paulson as bugs bunny

corey burton as thee narrator

Guest Stars

jimmy mccraigen as wander

tara strong as sylvia rocky and kim possible

kath soucie as lola bunny

jack black as the pink panther and screwbaal squirrel

jim cumming as darkwing duck and winnie the pooh

bill murray as pepsiman

jim carrey as the noid

jess harnell as wakko and roger rabbit

katie soucie as dot

antonio banderas as chester cheetah

kathie lee as the cadbury caramel bunny

angelina jolie as kitty softpaws and june

arnold schwartzengger and sylvester Stallone as heckle and jeckle

seth green and as henry and the backtyardigans and orson and roy

steve carell as bullwinkle and swiper the fox and bubsy the bobcat

john goodman as fred flintstone

john dimaggio as bender and felix the cat

the chucke e cheese animatronics as themselves

eminem as parappa the rapper

david beckham as danger mouse and coco the monkey

tony danza as freakazoid and the snorks

paul hogan as nack the weasel bucky o hare oogtar

brie bella as pauline and jazz jackrabbit muttley and gabby goat

sgt. slaugher as mcgrudd the crime dog

hulk hogan as dick dastardly

clint wastwood as tom terrific

mike judge as beavis butthead etc

Billy Gardell as Clint Clobber

Grey Griffin as Jeannie the Babysitter

Phil Lamarr as Black Vulcan

Season 1

  1. Wander and Sylvia-In the premiere episode of Where are the Toons Now, the careers of Wander and Sylvia from the Disney series Wander Over Yonder are explored as well as Sylvia's surprising confessions and Wander's transformation into a musical artist.
  2. Lola Bunny-Lola Bunny's career is explored as we take a look at what she has been up to as Bugs interviews her bringing back memories for her.
  3. The Pink Panther-The famous silent panther with pink fur's career is explored.
  4. Darkwing Duck-The terror that flaps in the night himself's career is explored.
  5. Pepsiman-The famous superhero representative for Pepsi Japan's career is explored
  6. The Noid-Domino's famous pizza ruining mascot's career is explored from fame to Domino's confessing they would no longer avoid the Noid.
  7. The Animaniacs-the careers of the animated cast of Steven Spielberg's Animaniacs are explored.
  8. Chester Cheetah-The spokescat for Cheetos' career is explored and the amazing story of his comeback is told.
  9. The Cadbury Caramel Bunny-The sexy spokesrabbit for Cadbury Caramel Bars career is explored.
  10. Kitty Softpaws-The ex girlfriend of Puss in Boots' career is explored.
  11. Heckle and Jeckle-The careers of the duo known as the "Talking Magpies" are explored.
  12. Secret Squirrel-Agent Triple Zero's career is explored and his flashing scandals are approached as well.
  13. Henry and June-The careers of the hosts of Nickelodeon's KaBlam are explored.
  14. Kim Possible-The secret who can do anything's career is explored.
  15. Rocky and Bullwinkle-the duo of a flying squirrel and a dim witted moose's career's are explored
  16. Winnie the Pooh-The stuffed bear of Disney's career is explored and given an interviewed about his comeback in the upcoming film Christopher Robin.
  17. Screwball Squirrel-The career of the well known Tex Avery star is explored as well as the rumors of his death being false.
  18. The Backyardigans-The famous adventuring team of animals from Nick Jr.'s careers are explored.
  19. Orson's Farm-The careers of the cast of Orson's Farm are explored.
  20. Swiper the Fox-The villainous fox thief nemesis of Dora the Explorer's career is explored
  21. Fred Flintstone-The career of the father of the Flintstones is explored.
  22. I.M. Weasel and I.R. Baboon-The weasel and baboon duo's careers are explored.
  23. Bender Rodriguez-The foul mouthed drinking smoking pimp ass robot of Futurama's career is explored.
  24. Mr. Magoo-The blind sighted man's career is explored.
  25. Krazy Kat-The career of a kat who loved a mouse just because he threw a brick at her is explored
  26. Chuck E. Cheese's Animatronics-The career's of munch's make believe band are explored
  27. Bubsy the Bobcat-The failed videogame mascot's career is explored as well as his comeback
  28. Parappa the Rapper-The rapping dog's career is explored
  29. Felix the Cat-The career of a cat with a magical bag of tricks is explored.
  30. Freakazoid-The nutty super teen extraordinaire's career is explored
  31. Pinky and the Brain-the lab mice duo's careers are explored.
  32. Danger Mouse-London's greatest secret agent's career is explored.
  33. The cast of Gravity Falls-The careers of the cast of one of Disney's greatest shows are explored.
  34. Coco the Monkey-the mascot for Coco Crisps career is explored.
  35. Wallace and Gromit-the careers of the famous duo of a man and his dog are explored.
  36. Pauline-The career of the first girlfriend of Mario is explored.
  37. Oogtar-The career of the caveman from the Super Mario World cartoon is explored.
  38. Gabby Goat-The long-forgotten partner of Porky Pig is explored.
  39. Nack the Weasel aka Fang the Sniper-The career of the forgotten gunslinger of the Sonic franchise is explored
  40. Jazz Jackrabbit-The space jackrabbit's career is explored.
  41. Bucky O'Hare-The funky fresh rabbit's career is explored.
  42. McGruff the Crime Dog-The spokesdog for crime prevention's career is explored.
  43. Hong Kong Phooey-The one number super guy's career is explored.
  44. Dick Dastardly and Muttley-The crime duo of Wacky Races' careers are explored.
  45. Tom Terrific-The terrific hero's career is explored.
  46. George of the Jungle-The career of the iconic jungleman is explored.
  47. Roger Rabbit-the career of the rabbit who hung out with other Toons is explored.
  48. Mighty Mouse-The career of the mouse superhero is explored.
  49. The Snorks-The undersea creatures careers' are explored.
  50. Mighty the Armadillo-The career of this forgotten Sonic character is explored as well as his return in Sonic Mania Plus.

Season 2

  1. Ranger Smith-The ranger of Jellystone Park's career is explored.
  2. Dudley Do-Right-The famous Mountie's career is explored.
  3. The Turbo Undercover Fighting Force-The careers of the agents of TUFF are explored
  4. Rocko-The career of a wallaby with a modern life is explored.
  5. The Thundercats-The careers of the team of humanoid cat creatures are explored.
  6. G.I.Joe-The team of soldiers fighting against the COBRA organization led by Cobra Commander and Destro's careers are explored.
  7. The Scooby-Doo Gang - The careers of Mystery Inc. are explored.
  8. The Rugrats-The careers of the crew of babies who grew up before our eyes are explored.
  9. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles-The careers of the lean mean green fighting pizza eating team of four turtle brothers are explored
  10. Ren and Stimpy-The careers of the duo of a villainous chihuahua and a dimwitted cat are explored.
  11. Dexter-The career of the boy genius with a secret laboratory behind the bookcase is explored.
  12. Cool Cat-The coolest cat in cartoons career is explored as well as his comeback on The Sylvester and Tweety Mysteries.
  13. Auggie Doggy and Doggy Daddy-The careers of the father-son duo of dogs are explored.
  14. Garfield-The lasagna-eating, Monday hating, dog-off-the-table-kicking, lazy fat orange cat's career is explored.
  15. Atom Ant-The superhero ant's career is explored
  16. Heathcliff-The supposed ripoff of Garfield's career is explored as well as his rivalry with Garfield himself.
  17. Snooper and Blabber-The Cat and mouse detectives career's are explored as well as how they have become detectives in real life.
  18. Mordecai and Rigby-The stars of of Regular Show themselves are interviewed as their careers are explored.
  19. Danny Phantom-The half ghost hero's career is explored.
  20. Finn and Jake-The two cool dude heroes of adventure time's career's are explored
  21. Ruff Ruffman-Bugs Bunny interviews the host of Fetch and his friends as their careers are explored as they answer questions about the upcoming spin-off The Ruff Ruffman Show.
  22. The Totally Spies-Three teenage female spies careers are explored and interviewed on what keeps them in the acting spirit.
  23. Samurai Jack-the samurai wielding a magical sword's career is explored.
  24. Bravoman-The obscure video game hero who got his own animated series on shiftylook's YouTube channel's career is explored.
  25. Daffy Duck-The duck with a temper's career is explored as well as his constant scandals.
  26. Droopy-The dog with an appropriate name's career is explored as well as his constant depression.
  27. Jabberjaw-The shark who drums in a band whose career took place in the future's career is explored.
  28. Sonic Underground-The band of three royal hedgehog sibling's career's are explored.
  29. Iago the Parrot-The parrot from Disney's Aladdin's career is explored from villain to hero and bugs interviews him about what he is up to now.
  30. Johnny Bravo-The hunky Elvis inspired Blondie's career is explored as well as his many harassment scandals.
  31. Pepe le Pew-The famous french skunk's career is explored as well as his many rape scandals.
  32. Snoopy-Charlie Brown's faithful dog's career is explored as well as his friendship with Woodstock.
  33. Huckleberry Hound-The career of the blue furred dog is explored along with his many appearances in movies with his other Hanna Barbera pals
  34. Mr.Peabody & Sherman-The careers of a duo of a dog and his boy and his dog who traveled through time are explored and how they have managed to make their father and son-like bond work all these years.
  35. Beavis & Butthead-The MTV duo of perverted simple minded teens careers are explored as well as Beavis's and Daria's marriage.
  36. The Turbo Undercover Fighting Force-the agents of Tuff's career's are explored
  37. Chowder-the chubby little rabbit hippo thing with a big appetite's career is explored
  38. Jimmy Neutron-The career of the boy genius of Retroville is explored.
  39. Asterix-The career of the famous comic strip character with godlike power is explored.
  40. Popeye-The spinach-eating one-eyed sailorman's career is explored.
  41. Huckleberry Hound-The career of the blue hound dog who sings "Oh My Darling Clementine" is explored.
  42. Johnny Quest-The career of the adventurous kid who went on adventures with his father and others is explored.
  43. Tom & Jerry-The cat and mouse duo's careers are explored.
  44. Oswald the Lucky Rabbit-Disney's first creation's career is explored as well as his comeback in epic mickey
  45. Tin Pan & Alley-The careers of the Siamese cat trio from the direct-to-DVD Tom & Jerry movies are explored.
  46. The cast of The Fairly OddParents-With the series recently cancelled after Butch left Nickelodeon, the cast of the hit Nick show are interviewed on what they will do now.
  47. The cast of Harvey Beaks-Harvey, Fee, Foo and all of their friends are interviewed about what they are gonna do now since Harvey Beaks was announced to be ending.
  48. The Black & White Spies-The two spies of Mad magazine's Spy Vs Spy career's are explored.
  49. Aquaman-The underwater hero's career is explored.
  50. Captain Planet-The environmental hero's career is explored.
  51. Vini Griffon-The career of the replacement dog for Brian when he was run over is explored and interviewed about what he will do now.
  52. The Total Drama Contestants-The contestants of the Total Drama Series are explored.
  53. Speed Buggy-The talking race car and his friends's careers are explored.
  54. The Green Lantern-The Career of the intergalactic hero with a special ring is explored
  55. George & Junior-The inappropriately duo of a big bear and a small bear's careers are explored as well as George's struggle to find a girlfriend
  56. Speed Racer-The speed demon from japan's career is explored as well as his drug addiction and many arrests and struggles
  57. Jem and the Holograms-the truely outrageous band's careers are explored
  58. Josie and the pussycats-the band with long ears and tails for a hat's careers are explored
  59. She-ra-He man's sister's career is explored

Season 3

  1. First squad-The heroes's of hero 108's careers are explored
  2. The Ghostbusters-The career's of the team of ghost hunters are explored
  3. Mainframe guardians-The heroes and villains of mainframe's careers are explored
  4. Sylvester & Tweety-The duo of a cat and a canary career's are explored
  5. Birdman-The winged superhero powered by the sun's career is explored along with his comeback role in Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law and his death in a traffic incident
  6. Pound Puppies-The Career's of Cooler, Whopper, Nose Marie,Bright Eyes, and howler and they're roles of helping puppies getting adopted are explored
  7. Lucky Luke-The lucky cowboy's career is explored
  8. The Captain and the Kids-The Captain and his kids career's are explored
  9. Count Duckula-The vegetarian vampire duck's career is explored
  10. Rick & Morty-The duo of a alcoholic genius grandpa and his grandson's career are explored as well as how they inspired back to the future
  11. Space Ghost-The space hero with sun gauntlet's career is explored as well as his talk show host career
  12. Brak & Zorak-Space Ghost's former enemies turned friends and hosts of the cartoon planet revival are explored as well as Brak's sacrifice to save the chocolate factory Bug's also interviews Zorak about how he regrets belittling Brak and his upcoming documentary about his life
  13. The Herculoids-The team of space age heroes careers are explored
  14. Catdog-The combined twins of a cat and dog's careers are explored as well as they're successful self removal surgery
  15. The humongous entertainment characters-the characters of humongous entertainment's career's are explored as well the spy fox characters careers in movies pajama Sam's new job as a comic store owner Freddie fish's death and putt putt ever wondrous racing career
  16. Sylvia the cat and Sylvester Jr.-Sylvester's wife and son's careers are explored as well as Sylvia's death and Sylvester's grief for her and Sylvester Jr.'s on set meltdown
  17. Lilo & Stitch-the disney duo of a little girl and an experiment's career's are explored as well as stitch's new life as a bodybuilder
  18. Fanny-osawld's ex girlfriend's career is explored
  19. Horace Horsecollar-The anthropomorphic horse friend of mickey mouse's career is explored
  20. Felix the cat-the black and white cat's career is explored as well as his many criminal acts
  21. Batman-the caped crusader's career is explored as well as his tragic filing for bankruptcy and decent into alcoholism
  22. geoffery giraffe-the mascot of toys r us is interview about what he is gonna do due to toys r us filing for bankruptcy and closing they're doors
  23. Darkwing duck-the terror that flaps in the night's career is explored as well as his struggle to find a new career as well as the death of his sidekick launchpad mcquack and having to deal with the labor laws with gosalyn
  24. taz-the tasmanian devil's career is explored as well as his struggle with adhd and descent into madness
  25. the teen titans-the teen titans are intrviewed and the reason they made teen titans go
  26. misty and brock-the two first best friends of ash ketchum are interviewed and what they are doing with they're careers nowadays
  27. pete puma-one of bugs bunny's old enemies is interviewed about his rough past and new career and struggles and failed auditions
  28. aero the acrobat-the flying little bat is interviewed as well as his big break into the circus
  29. zero the kamikaze squirrel- the japenese samurai squirrel is interviewed as well as his many scandals and his new job of being a fitness instructor
  30. nights-the heroine of dreams is interviewed as well as he new job of being a model of tootown secret underwear and her marriage to nerdluck blanko
  31. the nerdlucks-the little aliens from space jam are interviewed about they're new jobs and nawt's tragic death and blanko's marriage to nights
  32. the electric mayhem-the house band of the muppet show's careers are explored as well as animal having to be tragically put down and zoot's hash smuggling scandal and janice's breakup with sgt.floyd peppers
  33. paddy pelican-the forgotten pelican's career is explored
  34. Andy Panda-The long forgotten co star of woody woodpecker's career is explored as well as his lawsuit with mickey mous for his pants
  35. Floyd Minton -granny's nephew from baby looney tune's career is explored 
  36. Deputy Dusty and Yabba-Doo -they two western cowboys careers are explored  
  37. Scrappy-Doo -the young pup who saved scooby doo's career is explored as well as his struggles 
  38. Jeannie the Babysitter -the babysitter from tom and jerry's career is explored as well as her rehab sessions 
  39. Scare Bear -yogi's racing partner in the space race's career is explored 
  40. Quack-Up -huckelberry hound's partner from the space race's career is explored 
  41. Archie's Gang -the classic gang from archie comic's career's are explored 
  42. Captain Caveman -the caveman themed superhero's career is explored 
  43. Cleveland Brown -the only black guy on family guy's career is explored as well as his short lived spin off the cleveland show  
  44. Megan Williams -in a special episode we look at what happened to the humans from the first my little pony cartoon starting with megan williams  
  45. Molly Williams - in part 2 of the mlp gen 1 special we look at the career of molly williams  
  46. Danny Williams - in the final part of the mlp gen 1 special we look at the career of danny williams 
  47. Arnold Shortman - the football head himself's career is explored 
  48. The Brady Kids -the spinoff from the brady bunch's career's are explored 
  49. Andy Larkin -the prankster's career is explored as well as his life in prison 
  50. Johnny Test -the flame headed kid with a weird family's career is explored 

Season 4

  1. Spike the Bulldog -the bulldog of tom and jerry is explored 
  2. Inspector Gadget -the bumbling mechanical detective's career is explored 
  3. Sterling Archer -the spy of adult swim's career is explored 
  4. Bob Blecher -the father of bob's burger's career is explored 
  5. Mammy Two-Shoes -the mom of jimmy two shoe's career is explored 
  6. Zak -the pirate hero's career is explored 
  7. Rabbids -the crazy alien rabbits' careers are explored 
  8. King Koopa -the former version of bowser's career is explored 
  9. Yogi Bear -we take another look at yogi's descent into insanity in this episode 
  10. Clint Clobber -we take a look at the career at the abusive owner of tom cat 
  11. Margaret -mordecai's former girlfriend's career is explored as well as her trasofrmation into a victoria's secret model 
  12. CJ -the second girfriend of mordecai's career is explored as well as her stripper career 
  13. Doug Funnie -the kid who live in a litterally coolorful world's career is explored  
  14. Jeannie (Jeannie) -the genie girl's career is explored 
  15. Melissa Duck -daffy'd ex girlfriend's career is explored as well as her latest singing career
  16. Tina Russo -daffy's curent girlfriend's career is explored as well as her and daffy's marriage 
  17. Flim-Flam -the kid on the 13 ghosts of scooby doo's career is explored 
  18. Scooby-Dum -the idiotic cousin of scooby doo's career is explored 
  19. Andy Davis -the kid from toy story's career is explored 
  20. SwaySway and Buhdeuce -the breadwinner's career is explored 
  21. Sanjay and Craig -a kid and pet snake duo's careers are explored  
  22. Droopy -the droopy eyed dog's career is explored 
  23. Xander Crews -the sex machine's career is explored 
  24. Duke and Annie -scrappy's gang's careers are explored 
  25. Sabrina Spellman -the teenage's witch's career is explored 
  26. Dripple -droopy's son's career is explored 
  27. Randy Cunningham -the ninth grade ninja's career is explored  
  28. The 7D -the seven dwarves career's are explored 
  29. Robotboy -the little robotic hero's career is explored 
  30. 6teen -the teenage friends from 6teen's career's are explored 
  31. Chris McLean -the host of total drama is explored 
  32. Chef Hatchet -the chef of total drama is explored  
  33. Don (from Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race) - the host of the ridiculous race is explored  
  34. Carl Crashman -the lazy sterotypical teenager's career is explored  
  35. Clyde Bunny - the husband of bunny's career is explored 
  36. Loopy De Loop -the french wolf's career is explored 
  37. Tuxedo Penguin -the penguin who lives in a zoo's career is explored 
  38. Teen Angels -the friend of captain caveman are explored 
  39. Blue Falcon and Dynomutt - the crime fighting duo next to batman and robin are explored 
  40. Wonder Twins -the powerful twins zim and zan are explored 
  41. Wendy and Marvin -they friends of the super friends career's are explored 
  42. Apache Chief -the stereotypical indian superhero who grew big is explored as well as his disappearance  
  43. Black Vulcan -the black superhero with electirc powers are explored 
  44. El Dorado -the spankish hero is explored 
  45. Samurai (Super Friends) -the sword wielding hero is explored
  46. Mumby - the police detective dog's career is explored, as well as his role as a semi-antagonist in some media

Season 5

  1. Muttley - dick dastardly's sidekick is explored 
  2. Dick Dastardly - the villain of the wacky racers is explored 
  3. Dread Baron - the supposed copy of dick dastardly is explored 
  4. Mark Dexler, VJ Mendhi, Woody Jenkins and Sam Goodman - 
  5. Sally Sargent -the all american girl from a failed pilot's career is explored 
  6. Thomasina Cat - the cat with three lives career and death is explored 
  7. Cheatsy Koopa, Bully Koopa, Big Mouth Koopa, Kootie Pie Koopa, Hip, Hop and Kooky von Koopa -the original koopalings career's are explored
  8. Flim-Flam -the kid from the 13 ghosts of scooby doo are explored
  9. Honey Bunny -bugs bunny's ex's career is explored
  10. Cindy Bear - yogi bear's girlfriend's career is explored as well as her death at the hands off yogi
  11. Captain Rex -the clone captain of star wars's career is explored 
  12. Kanan Jarrus, Ezra Bridger, Sabine Wren, Garazeb Orrelios and Hera Syndulla -the star wars rebels career's are explored
  13. Ray the Flying Squirrel -the flying squirrel of the sonic the hedgehog franchise's career and comeback are explored 
  14. Zim -the alien invader's career is explored 
  15. Ben Tennyson -the hero with ten alien's career's are explored 
  16. Rook Blonko -ben's sidekick is explored 
  17. Gwen Tennyson -ben's cousin is explored 
  18. Kevin Levin -gwen's boyfriend is explored 
  19. Lucy Mann-gwne and ben's wacky cousin is explored 
  20. Cooper Daniels -ben's ally  is explored 
  21. Manny Armstrong -the fourarmed friend of ben is explored 
  22. Helen Wheels -the speedy friend of ben is explored 
  23. Alan Albright -the heatblast kid is explored 
  24. Jimmy Jones - the kid with a pet pig's career is explored 
  25. Dan Zembrovski, Troll Moko and Amanda Highborn - the slacker and his friends are explored 
  26. Geraldine Mouse -jerry mouse's sister is explored 
  27. Blaineley -the snooty girl from total drama is explored
  28. Ahsoka Tano - anakin skywalker's aprrentice is explored
  29. League of Freedom -the league of heroes from supermansion are explores as well as cooch many scandals
  30. The Vindicators -the heroes from rick and morty are explored as well as several of they're deaths
  31. Stoked -the cast of stoke are explored
  32. El Tigre -the spanish hero of miracle city deciding if he wants to be good or bad is explored
  33. Team Galaxy -the team traveling through space is explored
  34. The Amazing Spiez! -the spinoffs to totally spies are explored
  35. Captain Snerdley - the captain of the galaxy goof up's are explored
  36. General Blowhard -the supervisor of captain snerdly is explored
  37. Drippy -droopy's son is explored
  38. Robyn Starling -the little girl from the tom and jerry movie is explored
  39. Toodles Galore -tom cat's girlfriend is explored
  40. Tuffy -jerry's little nephew aka nibbles is explored
  41. Tyke Bulldog -the son of spike the bulldog is explored
  42. Quacker -the supposed copycat of yakky doodle from tom and jerry is explored
  43. Donna Duck - donald's first girlfriend is explored 
  44. Pizza Boy - the crazy murderous pizza delivery man is explored as well as his many murderous scandals and his life in prison 
  45. Sally Acorn - sonic's former girlfriend's career is explored
  46. Tumbleweed Tex - the cowboy who went to school's short lived career is explored
  47. Max Goof - goofy's son's career is explored
  48. Christopher Robin - the human friend of winnie the pooh is explored as well as the inspiration for the new movie of the same name
  49. Kessie - the little blue bird raised by rabbit's career is explored
  50. Darby - the second human from my friends tigger & pooh's career is explored in the series finale