Wolf 'n' Coyote is the first segment of episode three in The Looney Tunes Peanuts Show. It aired on March 23, 2016 in Cartoon Network, and on Boomerang in April 12, 2016.


Ralph Wolf visits Wile E. Coyote, and a determined Lucy helps both of them with some things, only pulls a prank to them, but failing and becoming a maid for the two canines.


Lucy sets up her infamous football prank for Charlie Brown to fall for. She calls him and Charlie Brown comes to her, knowing that she will just pull it away so that he will fall on his back and "kill" himself. However, Lucy angrily tells him that, if he doesn't kick that football, she will violently pound him. However, Charlie Brown goes away. After that, Lucy feels bored, and decides to search another "blockhead" to make him/her play her football prank. After several failed attempts, she sees, from Wile E.'s window, Wile E. and Ralph playing cards, and thinks they are her new "blockheads". She calls them, and ask them if they could play football. However, Wile E. says if she can help them with some things, then Lucy, wearing a French maid outfit, tries to cook a turkey, but the turkey escapes. After several many sorts, all of them failed, Lucy is finally beginning to lose her patience, conveying several less-than-subtle hints to Wile E. in order to say him she is not his maid. After that, Wile E. says he knows, and Charlie Brown asked him if he could give her a task of her own medicine. After Lucy realizes that she was fooled, she runs away to her house, while cursing Charlie Brown.


  • Lucy van Pelt (main role)
  • Wile E. Coyote (main role)
  • Ralph Wolf (main role)
  • Charlie Brown (cameo)


  • This is the first Looney Tunes/Peanuts episode to feature the football gag, depsite the prank is not used.
  • After Charlie Brown goes away. He don't appear in the rest of the episode, but he was mentioned when Wile E. says Lucy she was pranked.
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